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Sweet Solutions Bakery with Pam Rosone

Cooking Point Magazine with Pam Rose of Sweet Solutions

After Midnight with Pastry Chef Pam Rosone of Sweet Solutions Canandaigua
“The Magic Happens After Midnight”

 What got you interested in this type of business?

I always loved to Cook & Bake-Passion grew with competitions & Being a Creative
Culinarian! Being a Head Pastry Chef allows you’ to do all the above! When I lived in Florida and was the Head Pastry Chef for many years for Exclusive Country Clubs. In my time in Florida, I did teach Adult ED Teaching although rewarding to see progress- I knew it was not my forever job! I was putting in lots of hours & my mother was in & out of Hospitals. I was driving, flying back and forth. I decided to take the “Leap of faith” and bought a building, rehabbed it and Opened Sweet Solutions Café & Bakery in June 2003 in Ionia, NY.

It was a gourmet breakfast & lunch & Bakery. I had this for 10 years – No room to grow so again did yet
another move. I took the bakery to Canandaigua, where I have been for another 10 years, “BAKING LIFE SWEET…ONE CINNAMON BUN AT A TIME”

What is your most memorable Cake Story you can share with us?

 There is not “ONE” Memory there are many, every cake has its own story, and all are the best!

What do you love about this business and what do you think is the most challenging or the hardest?

 I have loved to Bake and Cook for forty years!! And still Do Every day!! 

Recession & Covid19 has been the most challenging, both were terrible times, but you tighten your belt and do all the work as an owner-yourself- “Me, Myself & I” That is how I made it “Through”, and for the hardest is to please everyone! Although sometimes it’s a juggling act to fit everyone in & especially the last-minute orders.  They are NOT always Understanding I might add.  I am the Sole Baker & Decorator – That can be challenging enough! There is no other business I want to do! This is what I love & have done for 40 years and Still Love to put Smiles on people’s faces.

As in any Business, a Bakery especially- it can be challenging. You have trends, after Holiday Diets, etc.,  But a Great Product Will Always Keep People Coming Back!

What is your bakery best known for?  What Restaurants Carry your Baked Goods?
 (Cake boss of Canandaigua) but I guess my food from previous shop and yes you know it THE Big Cinnamon Bun, I guess being known for your big buns is not a bad thing….

The Restaurants that carry my baked goods:

Casa de Pasta


Kix On Main

Specialties for Quail Summit  

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