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Meet Abraham Sanchez of Peppers Family Restaurant

Cooking Point Magazine with Abraham Sanchez

“How is a Costa Rican Guy cooking Italian”

We met Abraham Sanchez a few months ago and loved his energy about the Restaurant Business and after we worked with him at the Food & Wine Tasting Event we learned how talented he was. He was all about the presentation and the fresh ingredients as well as making sure everyone was happy and enjoyed the food. Abraham with his partner
Christine Sanchez have created a beautiful restaurant in Canandaigua and it’s minutes from Canandaigua Lake. This restaurant is very unique because of the family feel it has as well as All the food is incredible. This is a MUST stop location for anyone visiting Canandaigua.

How did you get into this business?
The REAL Question is How is a Costa Rican Guy cooking Italian – Is a question I get all the time?
I got my start in this business, when I moved to New Jersey from Costa Rica at the age of 18 and I worked in a restaurant that had 2 owners, one of them was from Sicily and the other guy was from Calabria, Italy these two areas do not like each other and these two men created a restaurant that served Pizza on one side and a fancy Italian Restaurant on the other side. I learned a lot from these two older men, and they taught me everything I know today. I learned how to make fresh pasta, fresh cheese, fresh sauces and many delicious recipes and of course even wine!

How was Peppers “diner” restaurant different than it is today as the Peppers
Family Restaurant ?

My Experience Working at Peppers in the beginning to current day.
In the beginning it was just “A Diner”, and the menu was very limited but today we have made some of the changes. I made very small adjustments and updated our menu to be sure it was clear we make everything Fresh Daily. We do everything Fresh just like I Learned in New Jersey and this is the biggest change I did to make this restaurant stand out in Canandaigua. Fresh Daily Specials and the food is

What do you find the most challenging about being an owner of a Restaurant?
The hardest and the most difficult is finding the “Best” employees to work in the restaurant. I do know once you have a great person you must be sure you keep them by making sure they are appreciated and be sure they are treated with respect and keep the line of communication always open.

What do you enjoy the most about being in this business?
I love cooking and making new specials, and of course I enjoy the customers and working with these
employees- Making sure everyone is happy and enjoying the work in the restaurant.

What are your future plans for the business?
My Big picture for PEPPERS RESTAURANT -my new endeavor: There are many ideas, and some we have
already finished. I have already been making some changes and making small adjustments; however, I am looking to make my Restaurant more of A family style restaurant, not a typical “Diner” as it has been known for, for a very long time. When I first started working here that is all it was ” Just a Diner”.
We make everything to order all of our specials and all of our ingredients are the freshest ingredients you can find. I made a lot of changes, for example we do not have a lot of things on the table, as a diner it would have ketchup and many other condiments beside salt pepper and today, we just have a small flower arrangement and salt pepper, so a server is needed for all your needs, thus making this more traditional style of a restaurant. Keeping the family restaurant feel going and making sure our customers are happy and love their food.

Why Peppers?
The MAIN Reason people should stop and see us if they are in Canandaigua, is because of our Daily Specials on our menu- they are ALL amazing!

We have so many lunch choices, but I would say, the Pizza is one of our best options here at Peppers, we have so many choices for toppings, but our dough is freshly made daily, and we make some great daily specials. If you come for Dinner, again we have a lot of variety, which is extremely different than a “Simple Diner” so we hope you will take a minute and check us out, and don’t forget we do have a Prime Rib Dinner every Friday and Saturday evenings .

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